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The Case for Institutional Advertising

The Case for Institutional Advertising Although this important advertising strategy may seem foreign to some, the idea is not a new one. For years, companies have channeled millions of dollars into institutional ads in order to promote the goodwill of their respective companies’ verses selling their actual products and services. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the idea behind Institutional Advertising is to promote a “…product so that people have a positive opinion of it, rather than the advertising of a particular product or service.” For example, in Subaru’s latest commercial, they feature young drivers in different accident scenarios with...

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Our world is changing but not necessarily for the best. How many of us can say our lives are better for the advertising that dominates every aspect of our lives, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night? TV, radio, internet, movies, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and mail; they’re all inundated with advertising that pressures you to buy it now because it’s bigger, better, faster and tougher than any of the others. Seems everyone and his brother has something to sell. No wonder the truth has gone out of advertising if for no more reason than...

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Education System of Common Core

Does our Education System Help or Hurt our Children? Education Definition: the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character, etc., especially by formal schooling; teaching & training The US has a long history (dating back to the 1600’s) of placing a rather high importance on the education of its children. So much so that it is one of the foundational virtues of the Founding Fathers. Ideally, education in a free society would be the responsibility of the parents or the individual or local community, not the federal government.  There is no constitutional prohibition for states or...

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Government vs Liberty

The Struggle Between Government and Individual Liberty One of the biggest quandaries that our country faces is the overwhelming imbalance between powerful financial groups and the common man who struggles to survive and compete for economic and business survival. Powerful special interests rule, and there seems to be no way to fight against them.  While the middle class is being destroyed, the poor suffer, the justly rich are being looted, and the unjustly rich are getting richer. The wealth of the country has fallen into the hands of a few at the expense of the many.  Some say this...

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Trump Gets Jefferson’s Vote

Mr. Trump Extols Some Jeffersonian Virtues Jefferson is quoted as saying “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” One thing that cannot be argued about Mr. Trump’s over the rampart lifestyle is his willingness to act.  Statistically speaking, he is arguably the single most productive individual – business wise – we have seen for numerous decades to be running for the Oval Office. The past few months have not just been entertaining, they have also been full of fast paced action.  Now that the presidential race is down to a few...

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