Hello – Here Are Some Free Tools That WILL Help Most Businesses To:

  • Better Understand Their Strengths & Weaknesses From the 7 Main Areas We All Have in Common

  • Discover What Their Online Presence is Like From a Visitors Perspective

  • Share Some of Their Valuable Products, Charitable Works & Client Successes On The Web

  • Find Out How Well They Deliver, Market, Sell, Manage, Hire, Etc. In A Profitable Manner

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Discover The Overall “Health” of Any Business

No Cost Business Health Chart

  • Identify Specific Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Personalized Graph Chart
  • Analyzes The 7 Main Business Areas
  • Applies to ALL Businesses
  • Consultation With Business Expert Included
  • Discover What 100,000’s Already KNOW

Business Health Chart

A Strong Online Presence Is Valuable

No Cost Business Web Presence Tools

  • Discover What Google Shows
  • A Visitor Experience is Importance
  • The Overall Online Presence Can Help a Business Expand
  • Simple Things Someone Can Do To Improve

Web Digital Tools

Public Relations Makes Companies More Known

A No Cost “Hive” Positive Web Article

  • Promote Business Good Works
  • Highlight Value
  • Let People Know How A Business Can Help
  • Great For A Google Profile
  • Only Takes a Few Minutes
  • Use in Other Marketing Efforts


Management Profitability Tools

No Cost Company Profitability Tools

  • New Client ROI Calculator
  • Standard Business Return on Investment Calculator
  • Time Management Evaluation Chart
  • Profitable Costing & Pricing of Products & Services
  • Business Marketing Department Effectiveness Score
  • Company Staff Valuation Report
  • Sales Maximization Checklist

New Client ROI Calculator

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