Business Improvement Tools

We want you to be able to see for yourself what is happening with your online presence, and what is happening with your business. By identifying where you are and what is happening you can better see how you need to move forward. With the aim of helping you to achieve your business goals faster we have developed a number of simple, easy to use tools that provide you with insights into your business, so that you can make decision on what to do next.

Clues To Your Business Health

Most people go for a regular check-up to see how their health is doing, or take their car for a check up, to make sure that it is running as it should. It makes sense then that once in a while you need to look at how your company is doing, and whether there are parts of the organization that need some work done on them to put them on par with the more successful areas.

Sometimes it is glaringly obvious when something is wrong – you ask treasury to keep the bills paid, and one day your supplier stops delivering and refuses to work with you, and discover he hasn’t been getting paid for the goods he has been providing you with. Unfortunately, not every single problem within a company is going to be quite so easy to spot, and if you can’t spot it, you can’t handle it.

We have developed some tools for just that purpose – to help you see areas where you are doing well, and areas where you need to improve.

How Healthy Is Your Business?

Your Customer’s Experience Online

When your user comes to your site, what is it that they are seeing? How long are they staying on the page? Do they get the data that they need about your company, and do you get the data that you need about them? People make decisions pretty quickly when they land on a page, and if your page isn’t up to specifications, they are going to bounce out of there quicker than the white rabbit who’s late for a very important date.

How do you fix the problems? Do you even know what the problems are? Do you know that there are problems? It is possible that you haven’t really looked at your site for a while, and when you do you haven’t been thinking with how it communicates to your clients, and how functional it is. Maybe your website was built back before mobile devices won so much of the market, and became the primary way that people are viewing websites. What you had built five or ten years ago may have been fine for back them, and the design itself may have stood the test of time well, but if it isn’t designed to work on a mobile phone or a tablet, it is not going to do what you need it to.

Here at Buzzazz Business Solutions we are always engaged in studying the latest technology to make sure that we know what Google and the other big companies like Facebook want from a business in terms of their online presence. We are also always looking for new ways to educate our clients and make sure that they understand the importance of changes in the technology, what it does for them and their business, and how they can help contribute to their own online presence themselves.

Find Out About Your Customers' Online Experience!

How Good Is Your Search Engine Optimization?

How do people find you? When they find you, do they hang around to find out more about you? If not, what is making them bounce away like a ball hitting a wall? In the places where they stay, what is holding their attention?

When a website is created it is designed to satisfy three different viewpoints – that of the business owner, the potential customer, and search engines. Google is the largest search engine, and Youtube is the second largest search engine. If you create content with these sites in mind, and to satisfy the criteria that they make known, you can’t go far wrong. If you write with the viewpoints of the customer in mind, you are going to do well.

We understand how to create this kind of content, and we have developed tools to help you find out how well you are doing. You will be able to see how effective the work already done on your site is, and you will be able to see where there is room for improvement.

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What’s Your Digital Reputation?

Reputation is important – it can be the thing that has customers coming through your door or running in the opposite direction. With the advent of the internet the ability to reach people was vastly extended, and that means that your reputation, whether good or bad, reaches a lot more people than it may once have done.

What do we mean by reputation? Well, it comprises of a number of different things, but a very good indication online, is the quality of the reviews you have on the major social media platforms. Of course, like anything, your reputation can be improved, and their guidelines laid out on how to do this. What does your reputation look like currently? How well do people rate you?

We know it is a thing that can make or break an organization, and with that in mind we have made available several tools that you can use to see how your online reputation is doing.

Find Out About Your Online Reputation!