Sales Agent Basic Training

Welcome Buzzazz Certified Business Agents (BCBA), 

We appreciate your patience as we build out the BCBA training dashboard.

The purpose is to provide training and leadership videos, documents and courses that help you build your BCBA business to match your overall goals.  GREAT NEWS – we have 1 compensation plan (Blue Hawk) for our agents that covers all of our services for Buzzazz, Blue Hawk Exchange, Tampa Training Center & any other services.

Feel free to provide us with feedback as to what else might help you acquire more prospects and clients.  We have a lot of different services we can offer and are here ready to help teach you all of the various services, features and benefits.

Thank you again for all of your efforts and please know our main objective is to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Best regards,


Pavlinka Vitanov
VP Administration

One Compensation Plan For ALL Services We Sell


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