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Buzzazz Business Solutions has been helping businesses all over the world expand and do better. We are different from other marketing and advertising companies because we have sold and produced thousands of marketing campaigns, studied our own results, and refined our amazing technologies.


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  • Serviced Fortune 500 clients to small mom and pops
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Effective Marketing Solutions

Our goal is to combine our creativity & aesthetic abilities with successful technologies and
ingenuity to help constructive businesses around the world succeed and thrive.
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Advertising To The Hive Mind

If only a company’s advertising moved as fast as the media advertises a scandal. If only the fact a place is selling nice products could get out to people as quick as the random horribleness that is on the news and on the internet.

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Education’s Problematic PR

Is it just me, or does the world of education seem to have a P.R. issue nowadays? Wasn’t attending college and other forms of higher education an act of stability? The, for lack of a better pun, most educated life decision for the average person? The thing we all grew up knowing we would do, as a given, assuming you were not in a financial situation which made it not possible?

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Busted Hip Crippling The Critical Systems

Attack the hip to sound hipper. Point to the fact that someone is supporting the wrong charity, or how they have somehow failed to be as totally inclusive in their philanthropy as you have been. It’s interesting how this kind of bullying somehow slips under the... read more

Advertising Made Nerds Rule (Part 3)

More than one form of advertising exists. Some of it is specific to companies, made by them, and set to sell something. But, there exists another type of advertising…one not meant to get across the idea to spend money, but to make someone out as more and more powerful.

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