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We have helped businesses all over the world. We are different from other firms because we have created applicable, simple and workable technologies.

  • Helped over 10,000 clients around the world – since 1999
  • BBB A+ rating and active with local Chambers of Commerce & Civic groups
  • Service start ups to Fortune 500 clients
  • Proprietary technologies developed that help our clients dominate
  • Over 50 effective solutions to expand any business

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Advertising The Digital Book As An Alternative

Advertising Digital Books Has Ramifications, But The Products Is Worthwhile Will the advertising of the digital book ever beat out the physical version? Will we live in a world where real life bookstores like Barnes & Noble on Sunset Point do not exist?  Will all... read more

PR: Even The Internet Has It

The point of many of my articles is to give attention to the effective and positive PR certain groups manage to garner through clever methods. And, I’ll also, in most of those same articles, talk about the fringe potential or active controversies of those same effective PR methods. Well, now we are on the big one.

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Advertising Good Health

Everyone wants to be healthy—if the advertising around the internet is any sign. Though, that logical inference was obvious without a banner ad to confirm. But the controversy over what is and is not healthy is so raging and so fraught with pitfalls that we have conflicting answers to the simple question of what will help us live longer.

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Branding and Fashion: A Stunning Mix

In the modern world, we are a part of branding. We, the people living in modern society, shout our spending habits and brand habits to the world without saying a single, solitary syllable. You, the person reading this, are saying, are promoting, a brand right now, almost for certain. Unless you are the most generically dressed person in the world.

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Promote The Nerd Actor: A Tribute To John Hurt

The problem with being young after 2016, and perhaps it is also a blessing to promote as such (if only to lessen grief), is I had no exposure to most of the celebrities we lost, and thus do not have as deep a connection to them as I could. Some were just names to me—no matter how special they may have been. No matter how important. I did not grow up listening to David Bowie, for instance. The only loss I felt strongly was Alan Rickman—and that’s because I am a nerd. But, for today, I understand the loss. Because I’ve seen the work of John Hurt—deceased on the 25th of January, 2017. I knew him. I knew of him because he was on Doctor Who. As the War Doctor.

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Marketing For Businesses Should Conform?

A company that fails is often guilty of not following the idea of supply and demand in either their marketing or their general practices. They do not do (or promote) what the majority wants, in the way the majority wants, and thus: not enough customers. It’s an old joke about the pretentious “auteur” or “visionary” who goes experimental and against the grain, and then is somehow…somehow, baffled that he did not get the support/sales he wanted.

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Buzzazz Business Solutions is located at 645 Cleveland Street in beautiful downtown Clearwater Florida.  Call us at 727-443-7300 and we can see if there might be some area of your business that we can help with.  Our founders Keanan and Kurtis Kintzel have been working together since 1987 when they finished university studies at Arizona State and Indiana University respectively.  They bring an enormous amount of “Real World” experience to the business community and have a very strong passion to help other businesses thrive.

Buzzazz started in 1999 while the Kintzels were busy running their 10 million dollar telecom enterprise, which they had launched in 1992.  The Kintzels background is direct sales and they understand the intricate mechanics involved with helping bring ideas, services and products to the marketplace. All told they have either sold and delivered or helped others to do the same to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.  Now that is helping America be Great.

Buzzazz launched at the same time the internet was really just taking off as a user friendly medium.  The first services we provided were customized websites, which we still create today.  The software and platforms may have changed, but the end result hasn’t evolved much, it is still to help a business become better known.  From website creation, things quickly evolved into search engine optimization as our clients wanted to show up for appropriate searches in the various search engines of the day.  Of course now it’s primarily Google, Yahoo and Bing that are used for search engine searches.  The search engine optimization technologies have changed over the years but the underlying principles remain the same.

If you want to do well with search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing you must provide them with what they want.  Their audience is the end user who is searching for local pizza or across the land for nutritional assistance.  So we design our strategies with the viewpoint of the search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing and in that manner we help to target the end client of the search engines who are searching for our clients goods and services.  Pretty simple actually.

We have mastered the SEO search engine optimization technologies and can help you to do the same.  A number of years ago it became clear that we needed to help our clients with further technologies that would allow them to achieve their dreams too. So we expanded our service solutions to include strategic planning, competitive marketing analysis reports, smart phone applications, direct mail, social media and multi media quote for tv, radio and billboards too.  In essence we evolved into a full scale marketing and advertising firm that can easily tailor make a program for small to large businesses.

This past year has seen a lot of expansion for Buzzazz business solutions.  The Clearwater Florida and Pinellas County business community has spoken and we have answered.  We have now launched the local activity search engine for the local community and it is helping us help even more than before.

Another line of products has evolved from our commitment to help business leaders thrive.  The Legacy line of training and coaching services are now available.  Go to for more details.  These services allow any business owner or executive or staff to take full control of their company or job and achieve their goals. To accomplish this expansion we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with two new amazing individuals.  Mr. Erik Bayersdorfer joined the team with a strong background in business training and coaching and he shares the Kintzels passion for helping others thrive.He will help us expand to all new heights so we can deliver the most exciting business solutions we have ever discovered to date.  Erik brings an amazing amount of talent, drive and help to the team and our clients.  Another shining star that has joined our executive team is Mr. Tal Ezra, the owner of SCI holdings, one of the worlds largest developers and suppliers of fuel management software technologies.  Tal brings a solid understanding of finance and business that will help all of our clients better achieve their dreams.  His corporation sprawls throughout North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East.  His worldwide business knowledge is invaluable and we are counting on him to help us help you as well.

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