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I’ve worked with Buzzazz for several years.  They have provided outstanding results, a tremendous working relationship and a lot of peace of mind.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for tailor made solutions, they are the best.

J. Simms

CEO, Dental Dynamics

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I’ve never done a video testimonial before, and I asked Buzzazz to do it.

I was attacked with online lies awhile back and Buzzazz said they would keep working on putting the truth there until it was handled.  And they did!

Dan K.

President, Hearing Specialists

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Buzzazz Business Solutions | Clearwater Florida

We have helped businesses all over the world, perhaps we can help you too. We are different from other firms because we have created or located simple and workable technologies.

  • We focus on discovering & helping with your strengths & weaknesses
  • We have now helped over 10,000 clients around the world
  • BBB A+ rating and active with local Chambers & Civic groups
  • We work with start ups to large corporations
  • We pride ourselves in developing personal long lasting profitable relationships

Our Free Business Health Chart is VERY Insightful

Cutting Edge Business Technologies

Buzzazz helped me bring in a new patient that was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  It was done in a very ethical way and followed the letter of the law.

They helped to make sure he arrived and followed up with the patient to find out if he was satisfied with my services.

Dr. Erickson

Doctor, Body Right

“New prospective clients are streaming in!”
Flooring Company

General Manager

“Your service was faster & better than anticipated!”
Healthcare Provider


“Thanks for your help – we are at full capacity!”
RV Resort

Park Manager


Lunar Landings

Mariana Trench

The great thing about Buzzazz is their dedication to getting better and better.  They actually make sure the client is trained as to what they are doing for them.

They really understand marketing and how to get more known and to make a company expand.

Erik B.

Executive Coach, Excalibur Consulting

Soar to New Heights

The guys at Buzzazz have been top notch professionals.

They have been dedicated to helping me put my best foot forward.  Having them as a business partner is an imperative part of my business plan.

J. Bantor

Realtor, ReMax Realty

The Buzzazz “Hive” Business & Technology Forum

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Buzzazz Business Solutions – Clearwater Florida 33755

Buzzazz Business Solutions is located at 645 Cleveland Street in beautiful downtown Clearwater Florida.  Call us at 727-443-7300 and we can see if there might be some area of your business that we can help with.  Our founders Keanan and Kurtis Kintzel have been working together since 1987 when they finished university studies at Arizona State and Indiana University respectively.  They bring an enormous amount of “Real World” experience to the business community and have a very strong passion to help other businesses thrive.

Buzzazz started in 1999 while the Kintzels were busy running their 10 million dollar telecom enterprise, which they had launched in 1992.  The Kintzels background is direct sales and they understand the intricate mechanics involved with helping bring ideas, services and products to the marketplace. All told they have either sold and delivered or helped others to do the same to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.  Now that is helping America be Great.

This past year has seen a lot of expansion for Buzzazz business solutions.  The Clearwater Florida and Pinellas County business community has spoken and we have answered.  We have now launched the local activity search engine for the local community and it is helping us help even more than before.


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