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Video Transcription below:


Hi how y’all doing today this is keenan from buzzazz live at the hive down in clearwater florida.
This is a short short short video so don’t delete i got a surprise at the end.  I wanted to say hello and you can see I don’t have a mask because down here in Florida we’re no longer mandated there’s no more rules on having to wear a mask so we’re not even to go there i’m just happy that there’s sunshine and there’s no bugs out there hope you’re all are doing well.
I want to talk to you a little bit for one  minute – I swear one minute – about something right out of the master closers course which is one of the training courses we offer at the International Business Training Center here in Clearwater in Pinellas county and there are seven steps of selling based right out of the master closes course.
They are one contact two build agreement three develop interest four qualify five handle objections six close seven deliver and I’m talking to a bunch of sales people so you already know all that so what i want to just talk about very briefly is the first step which is contact. It is very important and some people think it’s driving by waving throwing a flyer a postcard doing a meeting having a cocktail hour etc that may be part of it but the reality is it may take time to contact time energy going to church regularly not just once but regularly sincerely first of all going to the ymca or some other gym and sincerely working out.
Contact step is making a contact, making a friend,  helping them by spending time going out and offering something of value. It could be advice could be a video could be a book could be music it could be sharing the idea of a movie a best restaurant it doesn’t really matter but making contact and it does take time like in anything to develop a good relationship.
What we do here at Buzzazz is all relationship marketing so for me i don’t do anything else – it’s just easier you know. i grew up in a small town in Indiana with one stop iight  and that’s the way the whole town worked if you were a charlatan and you showed up in town wanting to sell aluminum siding i can tell you those ladies at the beauty shop they’re going to throw you out of town faster than you can make your first sale because they’ll know you’ll they’ll just know you weren’t there to contact and deliver something good.  On the other hand, if you were there with a good product, great. If not and there’s a scam going on you know our “Barney Fife” would know right away and you’re gone!
Well Andy Griffith not Barney Fife but i’m dating myself now, anyway that’s the thing, the key is in the “Contact Step”, that’s why it’s the first step in building the relationship by building agreement which is next and that may take anywhere from minutes to days to months it just really depends on how good you are and whether they’re the right potential prospect for your business.
So that’s what i wanted to communicate today i hope you’re having a wonderful week and uh i want to make you an offer if you’re interested in creating a second source of income we are now looking to expand across the country and across the world in fact we have some people that are taking us to Europe as i talk to you um we have now created a program of licensed business affiliates that’s what we’re calling it at the moment we’re still cultivating the concept but we have all the pricing and all the solutions that we offer and have offered for 20 years.
We’re now making available to other people that already have a business or already selling something that might know some other people that might need our wonderful solutions so if you have any interest at all in creating an extra $500 a month $2,000 a month $5,000 or $10,000 a month in income,  right, or maybe even changing careers, give us a call.  The phone number is 727-443-7300, simply ask for our Vice President of Administration Alexandria Larone.  She is standing by, so have a great week and thanks for listening. – Keanan G. Kintzel (President)

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