The International Youth Theater has definitely made some dreams come true for a lot of very talented people. A lot of actors dream of being on the stage and of perhaps one day getting to direct a play, but not many get to do it so young, and when they do they don’t often get to realize it in such a professional setting or with such high production values.

A love of theater is something shared by both Joseph Sky Kintzel, his two older sisters, Sandra and Sarah, and his mother, Kim. A family interest that developed into something that brought a lot of people great entertainment and a lot of enjoyment, and gave some very talented people a place to shine and demonstrate their musical and acting abilities. All of this was done while shining a spotlight on the cause of Human Rights, something very important to everyone that is involved in the project.

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The International Youth Theater began in 2008 in response to the desire of Joseph Sky Kintzel to act and direct more in theater, something he had already done a lot of by that point. In 2008 he was 13, and the company debuted with what was also Sky’s directorial debut as well: Into the Woods.

They have produced a number of successful shows including Annie, Into The Woods, and more recently Beauty & The Beast. The attention to detail and the talent of those involved is inspiring, and the productions have been very well received by those who got to see the shows. To put on a great production and to raise awareness of human rights is why the Theater was started, and it has been doing a great job on both scores.

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