Twitter: Talk To The World In 280 Characters

Do you have a Twitter account? If not, why not?

Most people have heard of the elevator pitch – being able to sell your product in the time it takes the elevator to get you and your prospective client to whatever floor you need to be on. Well, the tweet is a condensation or text version of that. You can generate interest in what is happening with your company and instantly communicate in a way that doesn’t take too much effort on the part of you or the consumer. 140 characters to snag their interest.

If you build up an audience of followers then you have a captive group of people that have opted in to receive information from you, which is already a reach, and if they have their Twitter stream hooked up to their phones, which most people do, then you can hit them up with information that might not only get them reading your tweet or your website post, but you might also be able to drive them into your business and convert interest into interaction and a sale.

Your generic tweet can do all that – and it goes out to your personal list of subscribers, but you also have the option of adding a hashtag (#) and pulling in a whole other audience of people that are looking for a specific item or service or search term such as #carsforsale for instance.

It has precedence in the “News In Briefs” that most newspapers contain – short, easy to read, bare bones articles that take a second to glance at an digest.

Twitter has changed the landscape of the internet quite drastically since it first came out, not only in terms of what it does, but how it has impacted the way that Facebook is structured. Facebook’s vertically integrated streams initially looked and functioned a lot like Twitter does now.

All of it is about the speed an brevity at which people can communicate, and you, as a business need to be thinking with that. Pitch your film – is it Terminator meets Dances With Wolves? What about your company? Share your latest company win – client over the moon about brand new kitchen, check out the picture! Connect with friends and the world around you. Welcome To The Neighborhood. Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about. Everything can be communicated in 140 characters or under, so start tweeting.

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