“Star Wars” – The Marketing Is Strong With This One.

Where do I even begin? Years. I waited years for this. This rebirth. A green lightsaber toy–I’ve had since I was a child–held in my hand. A four-hour long wait in a line. Others, my friends, my fellow nerds, gathered at AMC Woodlands Square 20. Ready for something we’ve dreamed of, but never knew we could have. It was worth it. It was all worth it. The moment the song began, the song you know in your heart, we cheered and the world cheered.

For Star Wars…RETURNED!

And I won’t spoil anything major. I wouldn’t dare. I am not a member of the dark side. But know this: you must see it. All of you reading this, you must watch this film. Soon.

Now, it is unnecessary for me to state just how much of an effect the original Star Wars trilogy had on everything. It changed the world of cinema. So when they decided to bring it back, to continue the series so iconic that even though the last movie came out around ten years ago we are still talking about it, they were careful. They marketed it perfectly. They calculated exactly what we wanted: a return to form.

A return to the things that made Star Wars great, with new technology to show it, and yet keep to its heart. Practical effects, no more Jar Jar Binks, a focus on interesting characters, and action instead of politics. And it had that. All of that.

Market. Or Do Not Market. There Is No Try.

So, though your business is probably not Star Wars, I think the lesson, the takeaway, is one of respect for your public. To give it your all. To not change what works, and improve everything else. To keep to the heart, the purpose of whatever it is you create, market, or sell. Be it customer service, quality, efficiency, or even the light of the Force.

And may it be with you. Always.

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