Panda Mail – Email Marketing

Target Audience Branding



And New Prospect Lead Generation



The Main Objective is to Create a Large Targeted Audience and New Prospective Clients


  • Target E-Mail Audiences
  • Large Volume Email Sending
  • Design & Marketing Integration
  • Email Marketing Funnel Development
  • Analytic Metric Reports
  • Tailor Made Marketing Strategies 
  • Panda Viewers Database Access 


  • Broadly Make Your Business Known  
  • Target Your Specific Audiences 
  • Easily Integrates Within Other Digital Marketing
  • Tailor Made Customized Campaigns
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Digital Re-Marketing Ad Integration
  • Lower Cost by Leveraging Our Panda Viewers

Building a Target List is Vital…



…Panda Mail Is a Fantastic Solution!”


  1. Identify Your Ideal Prospects
  2. Build Your Panda Audiences
  3. Utilize Cutting Edge Panda Email Technologies
  4. Design Your Campaigns & Prospect Panda Page
  5. Send Out Campaigns
  6. Provide Regular Panda Reports


  • Branding With Your Target Prospect Audiences
  • Greater Numbers Of Prospects Knowing Your Business
  • Regular Reports To Monitor Campaigns
  • Steady Target Traffic To Your Panda Prospect Page
  • Customized Campaign Modifications as Needed
  • Live USA Tech Support  

Panda Mail Email Marketing Helps YOUR Business Get Better Known

Panda Mail clients agree to the full terms of agreement  

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