Panda Mail – Email Marketing

Target Audience Awareness



And New Prospect Lead Generation



The main objectives are to help create a targeted audience, greater awareness and new prospects.


  • Target E-Mail Audiences
  • Large Volume Email Sending
  • Design & Marketing Integration
  • Email Marketing Funnel Development
  • Analytic Metric Reports
  • Tailor Made Marketing Strategies 
  • Panda Viewers Database Access 


  • Broadly Make Your Business Known  
  • Target Your Specific Audiences 
  • Easily Integrates Within Other Digital Marketing
  • Tailor Made Customized Campaigns
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Digital Re-Marketing Ad Integration
  • Lower Cost by Leveraging Our Panda Viewers

Buzzazz is great! We 10x’d our company…



and had our highest income ever!”


  1. Identify Your Ideal Prospects
  2. Build Your Panda Audiences
  3. Utilize Cutting Edge Panda Email Technologies
  4. Design Your Campaigns & Prospect Panda Page
  5. Send Out Campaigns
  6. Provide Regular Panda Reports


  • Branding With Your Target Prospect Audiences
  • Greater Numbers Of Prospects Knowing Your Business
  • Regular Reports To Monitor Campaigns
  • Steady Target Traffic To Your Panda Prospect Page
  • Customized Campaign Modifications as Needed
  • Live USA Tech Support  

Email marketing helps to make a business better known and create a steady flow of new prospects.

Panda Mail clients agree to the full terms of agreement and understand and take responsibility for
the inherent risks associated with all forms of digital marketing and advertising.

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