Practical Solutions Make Much Better Reading Than Articles Full Of Problems

I am going to just say this straight up – articles which only float problems in your direction aren’t worth the time it takes to read them. They are the celery of writing – as much nutritional value gained as energy expended to consume them (this by the way is a metaphor only, I vaguely remember it may not be entirely correct).

Positive media that shows you some kind of solution to the issue that is under discussion – that gives you something that you can take and apply to a situation and achieve a resolution, that is what you want.

How To articles are pretty popular, and if you are looking for something that discusses the political situation, you want something that points in some direction that indicates hope, not the bleak landscape painting that people often like to paint.

In terms of writing about this kind of thing, it may involve a little bit of research in order to nail down what the solution might be, or to at least find the signpost that you need to show everyone, but it really is worth it.

A lot of people are taking regular breaks from social media because the general level of communication is chaotic and depressing. Adding to that burden really isn’t a very social thing to do, or a very helpful one. With The Hive, one important thing that we are aiming to provide you with is articles that both inform and entertain.

Just Imagine If Solution Journalism Were A Thing

When you read something and you find it humorous, or you learn something, it feels better than when you read one more thing that sets you to thinking about all the bad stuff out there and how there is nothing you can do to solve it.

I personally have shifted my reading habits and my writing habits, because I want to help people, and that means more than just giving them something to read … it should have a point to it.

What is it that you want to communicate? How will that communication help the people that you are communicating to? Can you start a conversation that will get people thinking about what they can do to help others in their community?

It pays to never underestimate the amount of influence that you can have. If only one person reads your article and has a great idea, and they take that great idea and help a few people in their environment that is something you have done to help people.

This thinking holds true across various platforms and various media – YouTube channels that give people something they can use tend to be very popular. People like to learn, and people are definitely starting to indicate that they don’t like the constant barrage of bad news all the time. Who misses the Facebook trending news? How many people have you snoozed since you were given the ability? How many people have you blocked for trolling your account?

Social media is meant to be social. Media in general is meant to be entertaining. Informative articles really should be full of information not only about bad news, but about what is being done to fix the situation. Just imagine a day where all you read about are solutions and things would surely seem better.

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