Dog owners in America are becoming more and more protective of their fur babies than ever before. Sometimes helicopter parenting can be seen as a bad thing, but it hard to argue with those big black eyes and wiggly tongues. Florida is a warm state with almost constant outside weather. Dogs need to stretch their legs and there is more than one way to do that.

Dog parks are a fun and usually free venue to get that experience. But is it really worth it if you go to a small place and there are no friends for your pooch to play with? Pinellas has many parks, but many are also small, decrepit and empty.

So now imagine a park that is larger than 3 football fields, full of vibrant foliage and entrenched with automatic filling bowls. If you want to trek through the Jurassic Park of dog parks then please visit Enterprise Dog Park,

This is a place that locals know, but others don’t. I live 30 minutes away yet I still drive my dog there every week. Almost always full to the brim with dogs, this place gives you a great opportunity to socialize your animal and help them burn off some steam. There is no shortage of amenities; they have bags for cleaning everywhere and water stations for thirsty pups. There is even an area that is separated by fences that has obstacle and training courses for your dog as well.

This location is also a stone’s throw from Safety Harbor’s Main street. This is an incredibly dog friendly location with many businesses offering outside seating for pet owners. They also have an event literally every weekend that invite people to come to the streets and explore the local products and culture, pets in hand.

Enterprise Dog Park is worth a visit. It is free to visit and also offers a plethora of advertisements for dog events, and lets you know what animals might need a happy home, or who is looking to find someone missing.

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