Marketing and SEO

And before you run away or sigh or shake your head, if you are reading this, it proves it works. SEO does work, but only if you really know some about and have an understanding of the basics of search engine optimization.

Why? Why does it matter?

You may already consider you know what marketing is or how come it works, but marketing as an engine for companies financial growth has changed in the electronics and “smart” age and there are more people, companies and corporations selling marketing than you could shake a stick at.

So coming around again to the real questions of “why does marketing work”, and “how has it changed in today’s world”.


Marketing is the making known of products or services being searched for and optimization of the results by successful targeting of the right public or clients based on what it is they are trying to search for or find. It is not only making it known through verbiage or wording but pictures and videos or memes and captions so at a glance it catches one’s attention long enough to engage the person in what it is you are making known.

In a nutshell, marketing is what makes the engine of promotion purr. If they search for it, it will be found…

“Promotion” is different. To describe by quick example, say I’m in Clearwater (which I am, our office being located in the downtown Clearwater area) and I wanted you to use my car repair shop to fix your engine. I could pass out fliers or put up a big sign that says, “John Smith’s Engine Repair” and for optimization purposes, it is right at the store front.

That’s promotion. You can see examples here, here, here and here of promotion.

Marketing would be taking that sign and, using similar words but actually selling something on it, you put it somewhere else to direct the people who try to search for engine repair shops, finds it and follows the trial to you. “Engine trouble in your car or truck? Is the little light of impending doom flickering at you on your dashboard? Come see us…” with where you are and so on.

THAT’S marketing. You’re selling something with your promotion, not just making something known. You’re grabbing the attention of people who are on a search for something and saying, “Here we are! We will get you the product you need…,” and they come to see you and buy.

But what about the modern marketing avenues? Those are the electronic ones. The ones such as this piece you’ve so kindly read all the way to here that has resulted in interest of some sort. How did you find it? Maybe it was promoted to you? Maybe you were using a search term that made this article pop up? Whatever the reason, it made it to you. Something worked and the optimization of that something is why it worked.

The reason marketing works, and the reason it doesn’t work, is and will always for the most part come down to communication of ideas, and helping people find you through websites, posters, ads, etc, etc, etc, IF AND ONLY IF they are geared TO BE FOUND.

How does one gear them to be found? And that’s what we do, and we educate you on it all, what can help make a successful search, how is it you can go about producing optimization of that search, what is the engine you can use, and where to find one of the best marketing education companies in Florida, right here in Clearwater. SEO is what we are about, and we educate people on SEO so they know about it, why it works, how to make it work for them and their business, and what it actually does so the SEO itself can target what they want it to target.

Happy Thanksgiving, may your holidays be excellent, Merry Christmas, and hopefully with fantastic marketing that you not only can control but are educated in, have a bountiful and flourishing business.

Because that’s what marketing is all about.

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