Keanan Kintzel, while out walking his dog in the morning, sees some interesting things. People like having fun and they are often pretty ingenious in how they go about it. This setting is not necessarily the first place you would expect to see someone boarding, but there they are, nonetheless.

Keeping things fun when it comes to thinking about business may seem like a strange idea, impossible to some even, and to others may seem incompatible with hard work, but it needn’t be.

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If you look at some of the great entrepreneurs out there – Branson, Musk, Jobs, they enjoy, or enjoyed, what they do or did. This whole outlook made it possible for them to keep going where perhaps someone who hated what they were doing might have given up.

We get to work with some great business owners, and we want to help them to really enjoy what they do, because we know they will benefit from it, and so will their customers, and because of that the community will benefit as well.

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