Keanan Kintzel and Buzzazz Business Solutions have been the main sponsor of the International Youth Theater since its inception, and Keanan always supports the theater by going to its productions.

Beauty And The Beast has been enjoying a renewed interest of late, with Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, starring in a live action version of the movie, that, if it lacked some of the wonder of the original animation, compensated nicely with good performances, cgi and sets.

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As anyone can see from the video above, The International Youth Theater, really captured the energy of the original, with excellent set design and well performed numbers, that really engaged with the audience.

Buzzazz Business Solutions, as well as helping businesses to achieve their goals, supports activities in the local community, especially the arts. Buzzazz developed Wabamm for precisely this kind of thing – to let families find activities that they could do together on the holidays.

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