Sports events are full of spectacle, and one thing that is a regular sight at any football game is the acrobatics of the cheerleaders, and the Clearwater Knights are no exception.

Cheer-leading is an athletic discipline itself, one that adds in an aesthetic level and a degree of fun into the whole procedure, and it is definitely the equal of football in terms of how competitive it is.

Football and cheer-leading, as everyone knows, go hand in hand.

Clearwater Knights Football Team, Support Them!

It is hard work and it requires a lot of practice to be able to tumble and do all the other parts of the routine as well. it requires a degree of strength, good balance, and coordination to be a cheer-leader.

You definitely get a whole sector of the crowd that goes out just to support the team; a sector that goes to support the cheer-leading squad; and a sector that goes out to cheer for both.

Having a daughter that is a cheer-leader means that Keanan goes to and supports his daughter and the team regularly. It is fun, and entertaining, and is a very social activity.


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