He gets into my car and he’s like this isn’t my car.

It smells like brand-new. I think he knew it was a Lexus./blockquote>

Keanan Kintzel from Buzzazz Business Solutions likes talking to people because you always hear interesting stories. Interesting stories with a human angle are the thing that really brings the internet and your website alive.

Getting into the technical aspects of the industry you are in may not be the best tactic for interesting people in what you do. How do you help people? What problem in their life are you going to solve with your products or services?

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By talking to your intended audience about the things you do for the people you work with, and the way in which you connect with them, people get an idea of how you might be to work with. People want to see what you can do for them, and don’t necessarily want to know about the minutiae that you deal with on a day to day business.

Buzzazz Business Solutions gets to the big picture by looking for the human interest. If you want to know how we can help you please call us today!

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