Keanan: So, here we are a couple holes left, how we doing?
Marco: Excellent.
Keanan: So …
Marco: It’s no man’s land.
Keanan: Marketing tip of the day: um, don’t give up; sell or be sold; always be
selling; always be closing or always be golfing.
Marco. But never say no. Always say yeah.
Keanan: …and those yeses are just waiting to happen.
So Marco did you give up when you came to America from Colombia, not speaking English?
Marco: No way, man.
Keanan: Why, what would’ve happened?
Marco: I would have to go back and I’m not going back.
Keanan: How much did you come here with by the way, in your pocket?
Marco: Hundred dollars.
Keanan: That was it?
Marco: That was it.
Keanan: $100?
Marco: Yeah.
Keanan: And then you learned English and went to New York?
Marco: I learned English, went to New York.
Keanan: So, you already knew how to design?
Marco: Yeah.
Keanan: So, it was basically intention that you’re gonna create a multi-million dollar company with a hundred bucks in
your pocket?
Marco: Yep.
Keanan: High five America!
Marco: Yeah!

Keanan Kintzel works with a lot of self-made business men, and his friends also in business, fall in that category too. Marco Victorino has a lot of great stories about how he came to America and made a success of his different businesses. That potential is definitely a big attraction for people overseas when they are looking at making their home in the US.

In a lot of countries it isn’t quite so easy to succeed through hard work, and make your fortune, and climb up the social ranks. That has always been the big pitch for coming to America, and it is a truism that has been borne out time after time.

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