Buzzazz has really kind of condensed the amount of information and given me a lot
more to work with with patients. We’ve had previous marketing tools that kind
of give some basic information that doesn’t allow me to help my patients the
best way possible. With Buzzazz I have all of these required fields where I’m
really getting all of the information for the patients so we can better serve them .

Keanan Kintzel of Buzzazz talks to Jasmine at Clearwater Family Dental about how the work that we have done for the practice has helped her to better service her patients.

When we work with a great organization like Clearwater family Dental we are looking to let people what great services they provide, the level of quality that they take with their patients, and the great results that they get.

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People love seeing their dentist at Clearwater Family Dentist, because their dentist makes sure that they fully understand what is involved in the procedure they are having done, and then they use cutting edge technology to make sure that they feel as little pain as possible.

Keanan Kintzel with Buzzazz Business Solutions operates in a similar way. We want our customers to understand what it is that is being done for them, and what they need to continue doing in terms of their marketing and their business practices in order to achieve the goals that they are wanting to achieve. If you have any questions about how we can help you please contact us today.


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