So, hi, I’m Keanan with Buzzazz and I’m here with Kaleen taking the video and we’re in front of our client Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union one of the oldest credit unions, I might add, in all of Tampa Bay; amazing people. Servicing the great, great, great people of Tampa Bay – you know, the workers, the schoolteachers, the unions, the plumbers, electricians; all the heart of America. And they have amazing people inside over 100 employees serving the community for a long time they do auto loans, home loans, boat loans, credit cards. They help people with their finances, they help educate them on credit repair – just tremendous people, and we just love them as a client because they’re they’re really there to help. They’re nonprofit and they’re there to help the community, and did you know that they’re like a bank but better because the people that are there they get to share in the profits and dividends and they get lower interest rates due to the resources of the community. So, anyway, if you don’t know them but you’re in the Tampa area, you should stop on by and ask for Lorri Allen. Have a great day.

Keanan Kintzel of Buzzazz travels around and meets a lot of different people throughout both Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area. One thing that most business owners agree that it is important to help people and to help the community that they are a part of. Tampa By Federal Credit Union are exemplars of this, having helped the members of their local community since 1935, when they were first chartered.

That is over 80 years of service, and 80 years of making sure that they have the cutting edge technology to look after their clients.

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Keanan, with Buzzazz, which started in 1999, and even before that, has provided 30 years of service to the various communities that he has been part of as well.

The whole purpose of Buzzazz is to provide solutions that help businessmen to thrive, and it has been very successful in doing this throughout the years. From the initial growth of the internet into something substantial in the nineties, through all the various iterations of the web, Buzzazz has been providing cutting edge solutions for people. If you have any questions about how we can help, call us!


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