Okay, I’m going to try this again. Here we are at beautiful Largo outdoor pool; the Southwest Recreational Center. They got clay tennis courts, this beautiful Olympic sized pool, diving well. They actually did the 1994 or 2004, excuse me, AAU National Diving Association championships here. It’s a great facility – nothing better than November in Florida: getting a few laps in, keep the lungs clean, the heart beating. Anyway, seems like work goes better the more exercise that I get in, so I got to make this more of a habit. Anyway, hope you’re all having a great week and if you’re in Florida come check out this place. It’s heated all year round; not that you really need it, but they do. So, even in January when it’s Brrr or sixty degrees you can do some laps. Okay, adios.

Keanan Kintzel has always enjoyed sports, and was really good in High School, even trying out for State. He still likes to swim and plays tennis. Keeping fit really keeps you sharp when it comes to work. Finding a great venue in which to keep fit is a big thing, and Southwest Recreational Center in Largo is really high quality.

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Sports is a big thing in the Tampa Area, with a lot of world class teams in hockey, baseball, football, and up in Lakeland, which is not so far away, you have a big area for water skiing.

We have worked with a number of healthcare professionals, chiropractors, and people who help athletes, as well as athletes themselves. We understand the challenges that face professional athletes and we respect the dedication it takes to be top of your field.

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