By successfully coordinating between our Design, Technical and Content Development Departments, we have won.  The basis for el’Google’s new website monitoring software is in fact, unique, organic, relevant content.  Do you know what this means?  It means copywriters are in business, or maybe in season.  For website internet marketing there is nothing better than purely written content to boost your search engine rankings, and the recent success that Buzzazz Internet Marketing has had in this area is truly astounding.

For the past eight months we have been bringing our clients, some slowly, and some swiftly, to the pinnacle of Internet marketing.  While this is not always as effective as they, and we ourselves would like, it does provide tangible dividends for those that notice.  Recently, in relation to our own website, Buzzazz Internet Marketing has tasked Dept. 12 with content creation for ourselves.  This has made our lives more complex and removed some of the downtime we used to enjoy, but taken in context, it has totally paid off.  When we stop to consider how having less loafing time is helping, not just ourselves but the company too, it is easy to recognize the gain in these accomplishments.

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Over the past month, and just before the turn of the year, we have made page one for five major keywords and blown the competition, most of it, away!  What makes this even more spectacular is that these are high competition keywords and key phrases that we didn’t think we’d attain so soon!  This just goes to prove, that White Hat SEO and organic content development in website Internet marketing is the way of the future.

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