Being Positive As A Marketing Strategy

I don’t use Dove products, but I watch Dove adverts. Why? Because they are popular with a lot of my female friends and they are fun and they end up in my Facebook feed. The videos are popular even with people who don’t necessarily use Dove because they present a positive forum to discuss female beauty and the way women are perceived in the current environment.

Positivity marketing isn’t necessarily a new thing, and plenty of companies have attached themselves to social projects that benefit the community at large, but the ability to drive something in the way that Dove seem to be doing is something to be admired, and it offers a lot of possibilities for companies that are willing to spend a little time crafting something that is beyond the scope of mere marketing.

Making people feel good about themselves and providing an arena to further that good feeling is great publicity for you and you don’t even have to mention what you are selling. You kind of effectively hover in the background and your name just being associated with something that is a gift to people does all the work.

Being positive and not going into agreement with the general negativity that is pushed through a lot media outlets can make you really stand out as well. It’s easy to get a little burnt out seeing only bad news, so people tend to respond favorably when someone gives them something life-affirming – they want to share it.

Currently the campaign they are running is #SpeakBeautiful, and it is a response to the piece of data that last year women sent over 5 million negative Tweets about beauty and body image. Hopefully it is a way of marketing that will catch on, and some of those bigger companies will find ways to improve the world we live in.

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