Let’s Define A Word Core To Effective Marketing

Discipline. I don’t think many know what the word means. I think it’s ill-defined or misunderstood.

If the number of people who swear they will lose weight, write that novel, run a marathon, etc., is any indication, then people either don’t know the meaning, have it wrong, or are unwilling to accept and apply it.

Let me be clear here, the phrase: “You can do anything you set your mind to,” is basically talking about discipline. Because the result of just sticking to something is perhaps one of the most powerful things in this universe. People respect the dogged attack to one defined goal.

And I understand how complex life is, how much people must make allowances for things. How family, or friends, or significant others are more important than hitting the gym every single day—at least to most people. But, regardless, let’s go back to what discipline means.

The definition readily available online speaks about a pattern or rule set ingrained, often by punishment. And while I do not think punishments are necessary, the rest of the definition is sound.

Discipline is doing something regardless of how you feel, or what your whims are. Getting that gym visit in regardless of everything. Sticking to pattern even if every molecule screams against you.

Hard to do? Yes. But the other option is things staying the same. And you can decide if that’s worthwhile. Chasing a goal takes focusing on the goal every single day, sacrificing some of the things you like: I’d recommend cutting television time as an easy sacrifice.

Let me illustrate here the sheer power of the “doing something every single day” model. Let’s take Starbucks. The Starbucks on Cleveland Street. Open every day, isn’t it? Marketing relentlessly, right? And it flourishes. They make so much money. As a brand people trust, yes, but also because they are there—they show up. They put in the effort. If Starbucks closed for even a little while, then others would take customers. They’d lose some footing. Momentum.

Good Marketing Relies On Keeping Up Momentum

Never underestimate momentum, in the literal, or—in this case—figurative sense. Momentum is energy that makes stopping or slowing less possible. Sure, momentum can be hard to build up at first. But do something every day and you will find the difficulty lessening. Your willpower skyrockets, and your habits are strong enough to make people around you respect what you need to do.

Now, clearly, marketing this idea is beneficial. And though I may sound like an infomercial or some self-help book or motivational speech, what I am saying is not easy or something even most people will do—but still deserves marketing to as many as possible. I am not promising glory. I am simply saying people have the capacity for incredible personal change. Your business, life, or general health (barring obvious outliers and exceptions) can improve, if one is willing to put in the day to day to endless day of effort toward a goal.

It does take heart. But, if you desire something, it’s kind of the only way.

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