Solving problems is always going to involve a degree of innovation, and housing and homelessness are no different. The problem has been with us for a long time, so new thinking is needed, and the idea of carriage housing, along with the other solutions offered by the Community Service Foundation may be the answer. It is a problem that people want to solve, and this is why they are eager to get involved with the foundation.

The Community Service Foundation has a long history of helping people to avoid homelessness and to get into affordable housing, which means they have navigated through a number of significant changes in the housing market, and each time have successfully helped the people they work with to get homes.

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The foundation really is passionate about helping working families who are having some financial hardship to handle their housing situation, and they are creating a system whereby one tenant in getting their home is actually helping to ensure the future ability of the foundation to provide housing for others.

The foundation performs a vital function, and one that is going to benefit not just those who are housed, but those in the larger community as well. If you raise the standards of living of anyone in the community you benefit the whole community at large, which is a great thing. Buzzazz Business Solutions is happy to support the Community Service Foundation, and to help them get their message out there.


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