Being able to afford somewhere to live is vital, whether you are by yourself or have children – you need a home to live in. Sometimes people need some help to be able to do this, and the Community Service Foundation is one such non profit organization that does this. It works with low income families to ease the cost of finding somewhere to live, which is often priced too high for them to be able to afford.

A lot of businesses are very active in making sure that their communities are doing well. The impetus to help local residents comes from the same place that gets a lot of people into business in the first place – a desire to help people, whether that be with services or products. Those that foundation helps are also engaged in helping people – they work, but do not necessarily earn enough to be able to be able to afford the prices in the local housing market.

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It benefits businesses as much as it benefits the citizens of a place to help those who are in need of help, because if you help people to handle whatever issues they are experiencing, and give them the room to get back to a place where they can help themselves, you have just aided an active and causative member of your local community.

Affordable housing helps everyone, and it can really handle some issues for people that are going through a difficult period. Regions Bank has been associated with the Community Service Foundation for over 10 years, and it has helped a lot of people. 6000 people are without homes in Pinellas County and this is something the foundation is seeking to address, and has been doing so successfully for over 60 years.

Buzzazz Business Solutions actively supports the Community Service Foundation, and is dedicated to helping them to get their message out there, and to actively help people with affordable housing.

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