Even Authors Can Benefit From Clearwater Web Design Companies

So, you wrote a book: congratulations! In the modern world, there are plenty of places to publish your book, and plenty of avenues, both free and requiring payment, which can help you sell that book. But, getting an audience is the problem, and the solution, at least if you live in Clearwater, is using Clearwater web design companies.

I talked about this in a general sense for businesses last time, but now, as literature is, for obvious reasons, closer to my personal proclivities, we are taking a more laser-focused look at the world of books, and selling books, and how a website can help you do just that.

A common misconception is the author is not in charge of advertising their book – of pushing the sales of their book. That the big powerful publisher will do it for them. Now, that’s not to say the publisher is not trying to sell copies of the book.  They obviously have a vested interest, but unless you are Stephen King or J.K. Rowling or some other author with a name so prevalent even people who do not read books can recognize them in an instant, then you are part of a huge mass of lower level writers too vast to individually promote.

The number of new books (like all types of media) coming out in one year, heck, in one month, is staggering. That’s a topic I’ve already exhausted, so I won’t come back to it here, but the result is this: though a publisher might care about an author and want them to succeed, they are often too swamped with work to do promotion on any sizable scale.

This is not an act of malice, but it is a reality.

And the problem is even more compounded with the self-published authors, or those who are working with a smaller publisher as they have an even tinier promotional budget. An author must get the news for their book out and about by themselves.

So, how could you do it? Well, I’m sure you’ve already figured out my answer to the question. You would need an author website. You need a blog. You need to promote and advertise and market outside of just throwing “buy me” ads into social media—which is not to say one should neglect the social media side of things, as it’s invaluable, but the “buy me” spam is not recommended.

Sure, Amazon or the publisher’s site is all well and good for selling the book—in the sense of it being a storefront—but it does not do much for promoting the actual author, as a person. A personal site will do that though, it can do that in spades.

One of the Clearwater web design companies around here can help an author set something like this up and make it look nice to the public. They can help make it searchable and make it appeal to search engines. And then, once they’ve done that: it’s up to you, the person interested in selling books, to further draw people in with your personality.

Clearwater Web Design Companies Can Help Push You Up

Again, (and I know I said I was not coming back to it, but this is quick) there is so, so much media coming out, the only real way to attract is to have a good draw: a gimmick, or concept, or quirk to the work. Something to make it stand out, even if the draw is something weird or shocking. As people become more and more media savvy, and aware of tropes and clichés, originality is a craved quality. But, besides that, as the barriers of communication between creator and audience break down, they also want a personable person to interact with. Liking a person, and then liking the things they make, is as good of a loop as liking the work and then the person. And you can share yourself, through your site, toward this goal. Through your blog, through your newsletters, and through your YouTube channels.

Just like a publisher, Clearwater web design companies can help, but it’s up to you, the creator, to push your work to the right eyes and the right people. It may not be easy, but if you finished writing an entire book, if you revised it to the point you can publish it/submit the manuscript to a publisher, you are mentally disciplined and skilled enough to do this too.

So, go forth, and through the magic of the internet, share your story with the world.

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