An Athlete’s PR Is Everything | From Scandals To Successes

Tom Brady is an idiot.
tom-brady-patriots-deflategatehere, and here.  The reason why this is important, is because this is very negative PR for one of the best athletes of this century so far. An athlete’s PR is the thing that allows him or her to get bigger contracts, paid more, better endorsement deals, and solidify their positions on any given team. Essentially, an athlete’s PR is everything to them.tom-brady-deflategate

This goes for athletes at all levels, in every sport.  Last night the High School that I coached soccer in held their awards ceremony for all their winter/spring sports.  Having coached two teams, and seen what good, average and excellent athletes can do to improve their PR, I feel Tom Brady and his agent might learn a thing or two from them. Clearwater Academy’s high school athletic department is definitely up and coming, and it helps that the one video they showed of the boy’s and girl’s teams was really a highlight reel for 3 players in large part.  One girl had her assists and tackles showcased, and deservedly she brought home big awards last night.  Two boys had their personal skills advertised for 100 people to see in retrospect, and that included dribbling past 4 players and scoring, volleying for 20 yards from goal, and making defenders loo flat footed.


This is what an athlete’s PR should look like.  You are supposed to help them advertise their skills and their positive attributes.  As an agent or a coach you are supposed to help them make smart decisions that work for them.  Don’t let them think that cheating is a good thing, because it almost always comes back to bite you.  Tom Brady is learning this with Deflategate.  Juventus learned this with the calciopoli.  Levante in Spain is feeling the effects of an investigation and trial now too.

Cheating never works in the long run, and the PR for the athletes who participate in it takes an irreparable hit in the process.  So yes, Tom Brady is an idiot. High School student athletes are more honest, and if you cheat be ready for the ramifications.

What scandals can you think of that have damaged careers?

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