If Advertising Claims Something Too Good, Well, You Know The Old Saying

Some of you might not like me by the end of this article. I’m willing to accept that. Though, honestly, you should know some of this already—I should not be shocking anyone here.

In this world, there are several universal facts. Two of which are these:

  • People always want to improve aspects of themselves. Weight is common.
  • If someone had something work for them, they will try to pass it on to others.

And thus, we have today’s topic. The fad diet. The promised land of losing weight. The easy way.

I don’t know where I found this quote, and I think I’m paraphrasing, but I find this thought to be more and more accurate:

“The only weight-loss solution we will not accept is normal diet and exercise.”

I had a bit of an epiphany when I read this, and later on in my life I found this to be the exact truth. Because it was the only way I lost weight.

We Could Use Some Advertising For The Right Way To Diet

Now, that doesn’t mean people won’t try the other “techniques”. I cannot tell you how many magazines I’ve seen in grocery stores like the Publix on Gulf to Bay or in Clearwater Plaza advertising how one celebrity or another lost some amount of weight in no time at all. And the internet is full of the “one food you should never eat” and the “miracle food that burns off pounds.”

Just for fun, I looked over some of the more extreme fad diets and then backed away slowly as the words “Werewolf Diet” and “The Five Bite Diet” appeared on my screen.

Now, I’m actually in favor of the more sensible dietary ideas like Paleo or Vegetarian-but that’s because those diets don’t inhibit that many food options and they don’t involve things like eating cotton, or drinking nothing but odd lemon juice mixtures for several days.

I’m sorry to say those do not work—and shouldn’t work. Losing weight is not easy. Yet again, I’m sorry. Calories in must be less than calories burned. Protein and vegetables are king and queen. It’s the only way.

And don’t trust anyone advertising to you anything else.

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