Like Advertisements, Media Sells You On Something, But Is There Too Much For Sale?

There’s more media being produced than you could ever consume, even if you spent every waking hour listening or viewing it. You could walk to Nature’s Food Patch, and around the Pierce Street Market, and all your errands, and spend every second listening, viewing or experiencing media at a fervent rate, with no breaks, and you will still not make a dent.

Not even a tiny little sliver.

And is that okay? We can’t change it. But is it okay?

It’s gotten to be such a pit, a hole, that advertisements are not only going for getting you to like their products but showing you the endless options they have.

All media offering companies want you to fall into their hole and stay there. Because they can keep you entertained.

We can all be entertained.

And how did this happen? Well, demand grew and grew, until no interest remained un-satiated. A supply glut. And I think it was the same mindset that wants all the media that gave us all the media.

People tend to find inspiration with what they experience, and when media is leaking out of the pores of society, then people want to make their own.

And companies supplied the want. The advertisements for the ways to do art for yourself bore new businesses and still do at a frankly ridiculous rate.

Advertisements Now Offer Sales And Creation

SoundCloud for sound. YouTube for video. Amazon and Wattpad for the written word. Podcasts for radio. All free. All endless.

All hail.

But is the quality suffering? Were there always only a few good things at the top of the sewage? I think so. But just in case it comes to an explosion eventually, we best enjoy it.

This is a golden era, so let’s use it to the best we can. Let’s preserve it to the best we can. So it doesn’t turn to fool’s gold.

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