Why Use Google+ & Youtube

Google is important. So is YouTube.

Every website should have videos.

Not joking.  What you may not know, or have seen but not really understood, is that Google has purchased Youtube and has determined that videos are more valuable as content than most other forms of website content.

The thing I alluded to about having seen but not understood, is that Youtube is increasing the frequency of their requirement for people to have Google+ accounts in order to interact on Youtube.  This is in part, one of the ways that Google is forcing others to engage in using their products.

While this makes Google seem to be an evil enforcer, I am going to take their defense in this post.  The company does have the internet’s best interest at heart, I believe.  This can be seen by their allowance of all content from different websites.  While some websites may have their searches removed (occasionally) and others may have their sites taken down (although this is rarer) it is fair to say that Google is helping allowing the entire world a voice.

The reason this ties into Google+ and Google’s purchasing of the biggest internet commodities, in my view, is that the search engine company is requiring those who want to have a voice to use their products.  Isn’t this unethical?  Possibly.  More to the point however, is can content be moderated better with by an agency that purports to expound an ethic of responsibility?  I am inclined to say yes.  Google is arguably the single greatest arbiter of power in the world, and has of yet, not turned into a terribly tyrant.

The best we can hope for is that we continue to use Google’s ever expanding portfolio of products and that they continue to allow us to use them as we see fit, barring illegal and unethical activity.

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