Mobile Friendliness Is Important When An Increasing Number Of People View Your Site That Way

Are you mobile friendly? When the internet first became a big thing it was viewed on Desktop Computers, this shifted to laptops as the machines became more portable, then tablets, and as tablet technology was scaled down to improve phones, the smartphone market exploded – changing the way the world interacted with each other and with the internet.

Most people aren’t using their phones for making phone calls any more. A large percentage of the time they are using the internet, and for some people that is their main point of access. In 2016, according to Statista, 43.6 percent of worldwide website traffic was generated through mobile phones, which is up from 35.1 percent the previous year. A report put out later in the year by Statcounter suggested it had actually shifted as high as 51.3%, overtaking traditional computers for the first time.

Google first changed the way that your site’s mobile friendliness affected how easy it was to find you in searches on April 21, 2015. It was a recognition of the shift in how most people access the internet, and, by making the internet easier to use for people on their smartphones and tablets, it probably precipitated an even larger increase in the number of users. All this to say that most people who are looking at and searching for your site are going to be doing so with their mobile devices.

A lot of the use included watching videos, listening to podcasts and social media networking, but finding things and reading reviews was also pretty high up there. Seeing what your peers think of a place, a service, or a product, gives an instant read on whether or not the place is worth spending money or time on.

Look at the number of apps designed to give you an inside look at where the best places to go are, and how to get there. They are generally crowd sourced and review based, and they can change instantly and dynamically in response to consumers moving through the space and sharing their opinions.

It is inescapable that you are going to be reviewed, and that it is going to be on the internet. Providing your customers with a touchstone that allows them to interact with you, and to receive responses to their questions and possible concerns, can be the difference between having a good internet presence or one that needs work.

An internet presence that needs work may consist of one where you have negative reviews and no presence with which to put your side of the story out there, or an internet presence that is barely alive because no one can use it. Or it can be totally engaged, really representative of who you are and what you do, and one that attracts reviews and referrals, and which makes people turn up at your door ready to spend their money.

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Of the various choices of how to handle your presence, being engaged is obviously better, and having a site that people can really interact with is becoming not only a good idea but a necessity. If you aren’t mobile friendly you are cutting yourself off from half of the people on the internet, which is in no way a good thing.

People want ease of use and they want quality of experience, and if you give them something that they have to struggle along with you aren’t going to keep them interested for very long. The idea that first impressions count is extremely true of the internet, and that impression is formed very quickly. A glance at your non-mobile friendly site may have them bouncing back to the search engine to look into one of your competitors faster than you can say click.

It is understandable if you have a website that you really like, that you might not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and change everything, and that doesn’t need to happen. Your site can usually be recreated pretty faithfully in HTML5, the language used to make sites mobile friendly, and people will be able to find it.

You want people to see your site, and you want people to stay on it long enough that they can see what it is that you have to offer. This does take a little work, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle. Great content and ease of flow in the design are very important, and if you provide something to interest people, they will respond.

Mobile devices are becoming ever more integral to people’s lives and allow them access to all their data while they are on the move, so that they can do pretty much anything that a person operating out of an office would have been able to do in the past. When everything is moving so fast you have to keep up, and once you have that mobile friendly site you will be able to.

It is an ever-evolving thing, so having a company that understands the ecosystem of the internet is important.

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