There is a lot of information about back linking out there and a lot of internet marketing agencies specialize in links, whether they are in-bound, out-bound or social media links.  Sure, linking to other websites is important, but what you may not know, is why.  Linking create a relationship between websites, and that relationship, and it’s validity is part of what Google is not calculating.  Think of it as knocking on some random person’s door and asking for a drink.  That person is liable to shut his door in your face, or not even answering because you are completely unknown and invading his space.  On the other hand, if you are know the person, and he likes you and he lets you in for a drink, then you can sit on his couch and one day he’ll come over and visit you too!  That’s what your internet marketing agency should be doing with your links.

A good internet marketing agency is going to try to get your website linked to other websites that have similar purposes as yours, and will then try to contribute for you, or have your contribute something that will initiate reciprocation.  It is reciprocal linking that is the big benefit for you.  If you can post a good article on someone else’s website, and they post something of great quality on your website, that creates better traffic and conversions.  Reciprocal linking is what you want and your online web presence can only benefit from a company that will do so in good stead.

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