The Crazy World of Google Advertising – What it does to you.

Last week I gave you lot our first advertising tips.  This week I’ll be sending you guys something more boring, fun.

So, we went over the value of meta data last week, remember?  No?  Well tough luck.

….Fine!  I’ll recap.

Meta data is the information on a website that communicates what the page is about and why it is important.  Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what you were supposed to have learned.

Obviously I am an excellent teacher because everyone who reads this is going to post their educational results in the comments section, right?  I will know who hasn’t.  Or will I?  I guess we’ll just find out.

Anyhow, moving on to this week’s lesson, let me ask you what would you like to learn.

Oh wait.  You are reading this, not a lecture.  Silly me.  No options for you!

I would like everyone who follows this blog to understand two things.

  1. I am sarcastic
  2. I am going to help you understand how Google (the world’s largest search engine) is going to make you spend more money

I love Google.  Seriously.  They are possibly the single biggest reason why technology is evolving as well as it does.

However, I hate Google.  Honestly.

Are you confused yet?  Good! I mean, Oh NO!

All right.  Here it is.  I detest Google because they are constantly evolving how they calculate search results and are making the game more challenging for those who utilize the internet for business growth to succeed in doing so.

One of the biggest factors in this is Google Adwords.  Who is familiar with this program?  Good.  So, for those of you who aren’t, Adwords is Google’s version of highway billboards.

These are paid ads, where the money goes directly to Google to get you a slot at the top of the page for search results.

You have probably seen them.  Paid ads are the section right above the map results on your Google searches.

This is all changing however.

You may have noticed that there are no more ads on the side of the page, yeah?  Well that is leading to there being no paid ads on the top of you page.

At this point if you are asking what will happen to my Adwords account, this is where you can feel both relieved and angry.

Adwords is going to remain as an option for paid ads online.  However, that map section that we all use?  It’s going to incorporate paid ads for local businesses ahead of organic ones, most likely.  Imagine you have a specialty shoe store.  Now, you are going to be competing for paid spots in the local map section against Sketchers, Shoe Carnival and other large retail shoe stores.

If you are feeling that this makes the playing field uneven, then you are likely going to be correct.  It will be interesting to see if Google comes up with an algorithm to inhibit the larger corporations with chain stores dominating your local maps results, but if not, you are now forewarned.

This is where having a company like Buzzazz Business Solutions can help you with your organic and paid advertising online, as well as finding new mediums for you to try after.  The game is rigged for Google to make money.

If you are looking for the people who can help you navigate these changes best, call 888.477.2206.

Oh, and I am expecting to see answers to my previous question below.

Love you,

Or do I?

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