Before you start buying cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of thing that you should keep in mind. Over the past few years the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies has become more lucid.

Let’s illustrate how in some easy steps you can buy cryptocurrencies. First thing to consider before investing in cryptocurrencies is the laws that govern them.

Secondly you should choose the relevant website after deciding on the payment method you want to use for paying for the cryptocurrency.

Thirdly you have to locate the website that sells the cryptocurrency that you want to procure because not all cryptocurrencies are available for purchase on all the exchanges.

Fourthly before starting you must find out the cost that you may incur in the process since every exchange charges a certain amount for registering an account with them.

Lastly it is not wise to invest more than you can afford given the fact that cryptocurrencies are still volatile in nature.

Once these things are sorted it’s time to get a wallet, which is somewhat similar in concept to your bank account, to store your cryptocurrencies.

The wallets are available in different forms and you should choose them as per your intention to use the cryptocurrency.

There are essentially four different ways to buy cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency exchanges-these are online websites that lets you exchange your local currency for cryptocurrency. They are the most reliable, easy to use and popular ways to get cryptocurrency. You first register at an exchange, complete the verification process and the pay for the amount of cryptocurrencies that you want to procure by using bank transfer, credit card or may be some third party payment channel like PayPal.

Broker exchanges for cryptocurrencies-they are like currency exchange shops where you can exchange your local currencies for cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is a popular example.

Cryptocurrency ATM-the cryptocurrency ATMs, more specifically bitcoin ATMs are are just like the local currency ATM machines we know except the fact that these ATMs disburse cryptocurrency into your wallet in exchange of the local currency which you put into them.

Buy cryptocurrency peer to peer-In case of peer to peer transfer of cryptocurrency users can directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies from each other.

Women In Cryptocurrency: Top 8 Women In Cryptocurrency

Here, we have a beautiful infographic on Top 8 Women In Cryptocurrency, this infographic was designed by our friends at, and it speaks about the contribution of women towards Cryptocurrency. The infographic is all about the following 8 women and their achievements.

  1. Joyce Kim
  2. Perianne Boring
  3. Amber Baldet
  4. Jinglan Wang
  5. Jen Greyson
  6. Fahima Anwar
  7. Meltem Demirors
  8. Raine Revere
crypto women
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