Netflix. If you’re reading this then you either already use it, or are trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.

And there certainly is a fuss, around sixty million people use the service and it shows no sign of slowing down. And in the wake of that, speculations about “why” are all over the internet. But after going through several articles for research, I discovered most of them miss one crucial point. In fact it might just be the main crux of its appeal.

Most cite the convenience, or the ability to binge as a draw. And while those certainly are awesome features, I think the answer is simpler: it doesn’t have any ads.

Yeah advertisements, those things that turn forty minute shows into hour long ones. They’re everywhere on television. But not on Netflix. Not only does it offer the ability to watch your favorite shows continuously, but it does it without ever interrupting you. It’s just raw entertainment.

And this is a potent strategy on their part, because it’s dwarfing cable usage. A group of growing individuals with the nickname “Cord Cutters” are ditching the traditional services entirely, and relying on only video streaming to get their fix of entertainment.

And I can see why. And I think it might be what everyone will be doing soon enough. Video streaming is ultimately better than cable, in every way, and any business looking to make money can certainly learn a lot from its success.

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