An Amazing Digital Magazine

It is an amazing digital magazine. that is the easy answer, and perhaps all you need, but if you want a little more, read on …

The Buzzazz Hive is a digital magazine. It is a place where we look at popular culture and the world at large through the filter of a business lens. If it is an interesting subject and there is a story there, one of our writers will have an opinion on it, and a way of looking at it that you may not have thought about before.

Our purpose is to inform and entertain. We are not really interested in forwarding the all-pervasive negativity that is out there in the world, and which covers your wall, pollutes your stream, or clogs your inbox.

This doesn’t mean that we shy away from looking at problems and difficult situations, but our attitude is that there is always a solution, and that is where our thinking is pointing the way to.

We Are Interested In Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Creatives, Successful Business Men

Who wants to sit down and read another article where the only thing that they get at the end of it is a feeling of anxiety and the sense that everything is hopeless, and that there is no way to forge ahead? Isn’t that what we have fallen into the pattern of reading every day? Isn’t that what we have gotten used to sharing with our friends all the time?

Always talking about problems and never ever leading someone to possible solutions can get overwhelming, and it can lead you down a cul-de-sac where you stop looking for solutions, because it all seems hopeless. At Buzzazz, and in The Buzzazz Hive we do not believe that it is hopeless. We believe that by looking at a problem and applying ingenuity and high tech solutions any situation can be resolved.

We are interested in what the thinkers out there have to say, and the problem solvers – we want to engage with creatives, and we are looking for the input of people in business who have had successes in changing their own lives and the lives of others around them. If you have an idea for an article or you would like to be interviewed for The Hive, let us know at

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