Conversions, Conversions, Conversions

The first question you need to answer for yourself, when you are looking into an advertising and marketing agency, is: what is it you really want to achieve?
There are many answers that sales people will try to convince you of, and many companies will pitch them quite earnestly and successfully, even believing they know what you want. If you are building a sales website, they may pitch you on keywords being ranked on google, or having the best code on your site, or even using outdated things like: lots of links (which is unethical and irresponsible), having a lot of written content (which helps, but isn’t really what you want), or convincing you that everyday posts on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc…) is the way to go (it helps in coordination, but isn’t really the solution).

Truly, what you really want, and what every business wants is conversions. Let’s examine that shall we? From the Oxford English Dictionary, in the context of marketing, “the proportion of people viewing an advertisement and going on to buy the product, click on a link, etc.” So, this makes sense right? When you hire an advertising and marketing agency to build a website and help you with your online marketing, you want them to build you something that will get conversions! Everything else that most sales people from advertising companies will sell you on is really not important to your bottom line. Keywords don’t actually make you money, someone calling in does. Links don’t inherently get you new clients, but having someone purchase something from your website does. See where we’re going here? The thing that you are really focused on is, you guessed it, conversions! You want people to get in touch with your salespeople, or purchase directly from your site, because you are monitoring your bottom line.

At Buzzazz, we totally understand that view.

Our goal is to help you get more conversions. We have a trained staff who understands the principles of marketing best suited to helping you get more customers and inquiries from your website, with the ultimate goal of helping you increase and expand your business.

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