Do you ever find yourself sat at home with the kids with nothing to do? They get bored, and you get frustrated, and you just wish there was some way to find something to go do? Inspired by the difficulty of finding something family friendly in Pinellas County, Keanan Kintzel began to develop Wabamm, a Local Activity Search Engine.

One other aspect of the site, is that, as well as the functionality for business, there are pages specifically for charities and non-profits. Buzzazz wanted to make it easy for charities to promote themselves and to engage with local people, and Wabamm gives them the tools to do just that.

Want Find Something To Do Locally? Wabamm It!

The notion of charity starting at home can sometimes mean that people like to give their money to charities that directly affect their local community, and Wabamm is a powerful tool for doing just that. Let people know what it is that you do and how they can help, and in the same action help improve your local community.

Charity fulfills an important function, in both helping those who need help, and in acting as a means by which people who want to help can get their money or their volunteering targeted at something that will really help people. Buzzazz and Wabamm want to make that much easier for everyone.

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