Everyone knows by now that videos and SEO are really good for their online presence and that having more videos is a good for their online traffic too.  Most website owners understand that videos are more entertaining than reading text that is often-times uninformative and dry.  This brings us to a new understanding of how website developers and those who create internet marketing websites have come to realize about videos.  Video channels are useful tools for clients who have an industry that makes having videos fun and relevant.  It’s easy to make something like baking exciting, but trying to make a video, let alone a series of relatable videos about something like writing music, is going to be much more challenging to do.

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The goal here is to discover if your niche, your company or field, can translate your data into useful and relatable data in videos.  If you can do that, then videos will significantly help your probability of ranking on page 1 of Google.  If you cannot, then it is better to focus on other ways to achieve page 1 on Google or other search engines.  There is no one key to successfully master your ranking, but there are a number of different things you can do to obtain the necessary rank to do well on the internet.

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