How Healthy Is Your Business?

business health checklist buzzazz business solutions clearwater flIf you were to take a look at yourself, and you were to judge what is wrong with you in terms of your health, and what is right, you could probably do that pretty easily. If someone asked you to take the same evaluative look at your business, would you be able to do the same? Or would your assessment be a little bit more vague?

Sometimes you may have the sense that something is not quite right about the way that things are working, but you may not have been able to identify exactly what it is that is occurring. How can you fix something if you don’t know where to start?

We have something that can help you with that. A good first step though would be for you to identify what areas of specialization your company is divided into – and you may be surprised to find this would apply no matter what the size of the business is. Certain functions also carry across industries, and an understanding of what these are is integral to handling any issue that you might have with your business.


Every company actually divides into 7 different divisions. These are Executive, Communication, Marketing, Treasury, Delivery, Quality Control, and Sales.

If there is something happening within your company that is non-optimum it is going to be in one or more of these seven areas. You may be excellent at delivery, but your company has not been growing at the speed you believe it should be, so perhaps your marketing division hasn’t been properly publicizing the successes that you have been having. The result of this would be that your potential customers might not have any idea of what great work you do. If you want to expand, customer retention is great, but you need to be bringing in new people in volume. Some people have the opposite problem, where the company has a great marketing division that promotes the company and generates a lot of interest, but the delivery area is not performing well, and the Quality Control division hasn’t spotted it, so the customer retention is awful. Either of these situations could result in you, the company owner, constantly having to deal with problems, so you are not doing what you need and want to be doing, which is working out the strategy to be the best company you can be.

How do you zero in on which area the problems are stemming from?  That’s where we come in – we have developed a tool that will help you see very clearly where you are doing well, and where you need to focus your attention to do better. You will be able to see the effect that the problems have been having on both your company and yourself. The great thing about this is, it is a solution in itself, because it shows you what needs to be fixed, but it also gives you a road map to follow for making you and your business as healthy as they should be.

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