By this point in time, everyone and their mother has heard of SEO or Keywords, or the Internet.  Whether or not they care is a totally different issue.  But the real question that you want to know is are these internet marketers lying to you about the importance of their work?  Probably.  The stipulation is obviously, that there are companies like ours where we try to educate our clients.

There is a lot of emphasis on keyword placement and research in creating the best website, and that is what is probably important to you.  While you may not like the copious amounts of text that your smart, experienced and talented marketing agency is giving your site, you should know that it is actually helping your website rank on the first page of Google.  And if it is not on Google’s page 1 yet, it eventually will be.

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The way we do it here is through a lot of consultation, research and Internet acumen.  We know that our clients want a pretty design that makes them happy, and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and don’t really care about the back end or verbiage unless it makes the website look wonky.  We know that you don’t really want to have to worry about anything we do.  And this is why we give our clients a finished draft to look at, incorporating their input, but with all the marketing and Internet know-how that you hire us for.

To answer the initial question, yes.  To SEO is the way to go.  To not SEO is to create something pretty that no one will ever see.  And if you do that, then why are you even hiring a marketing agency?

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