Greetings, once again.  I’ve just come back from a lovely nap, and been notified that some of the entities wandering about in the Jungle are posting redundant pieces everywhere.  This makes me want to eat somebody!  I should clarify.  You all know how the Internet Jungle is crowded and hectic, and immeasurably difficult to navigate at times, right?  Well, one of the things I make sure of in my kingdom is that no one plagiarizes or violates the intellectual property rights of their fellows.  That’s why I’m the King.  Anyways, back to the story, one of my newer subjects has been told that their website is totally unique, but the person who sold them it lied.  Rather than move into a new spot in the jungle and build something totally unique and personalized by them, then copied everything from their other websites, and gave it to him.

You know what’s wrong with that?  It means that he’s never going to get found in this Jungle, and as the King, it’s my job to ensure people know where his website lives.  I now have to send my peons to fix this mess and create a new website for him, that is unique to his domain before we can build a path so visitors can find him.  In layman’s terms this is called duplicate content, and one of the ways you can find out if your website is home to it, is by copying a line or two and posting it in a search query.  If you see an exact or near search to this text in the results, then you know that whoever did you work before, cheated you.

On a happier note, the denizens of this Jungle are actually very cool and original.  If you need a consultation call me, the King and I’ll arrange for a solution.  With that, there is a gazelle that has been teasing me, so I’m going to pay my respects.


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