Verizon & AOL – Happily Ever After – The $4.4 Billion Close

It is done! It was finalized today that Verizon has bought AOL for $4.4 billion. A deal that some thought would be repealed by FCC but has not yet…

Watch An Interview with CEO of AOL Tim Armstrong & Marni M. Walden President of product and new business innovation for Verizon

As many Americans remember AOL as the pioneer and leading company in bringing the internet to American households in the 90’s. AOL was also one of the first when it came to email addresses and for instant messaging on AIM (American Instant Messenger). It felt like just yesterday our house would receive 20 hours of free dial-up internet once a month in the mail…


However, since the 90’s AOL has grown to be much more than just one of the first to offer internet in America. They have grown to be one of the largest online media networks. They own Huffington Post the worlds largest blog and which is one of the largest online networks for advertisers. The fact that Verizon has bought AOL is a good move for both companies. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier and has the greatest reliability in the USA.


So with the acquisition of AOL they will now have access to the a good chunk of the virtual communications of America as well. I am biased on this business deal because I have been a loyal Verzion customer for my internet and TV service with their Fios for about 5 years now. The acquisition of the two companies will also be great for AOL because it will give the company a large network that will take Verizon to a whole new level as far as advertising and mobile video.

Verizon – Keeping All Americans Connected With All Their Devices!

The overall benefit I see in this acquisition is the fact that the advertising network will be larger and stronger than ever. This is good for all businesses, not just marketing and advertising businesses. Small and medium size businesses all around the US will be able to better reach their target market without throwing darts and wasting a lot of money like in the past. I am sure that the pinpointing of the target market will get better and the services that Verizon provides will keep improving. Google watch out…

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