Never Underestimate The Advertising Power Of A Good Pun

This article is going to come out a few days after the odd phenomenon that is Star Wars Day. A holiday that seems to exist partially because the “May the 4th be with you” pun is funny.

I bet historians never saw that coming.

And this is an interesting example of how the marketing and advertising landscape affects us as a society, isn’t it?

Because people are observing this holiday.

I saw people I know posting it on social media like they might “Merry Christmas.” There were deals going on in Clearwater. Apparently places like Barnes and Noble on Sunset Point and Target in Clearwater Mall were having Star Wars themed sales. Some may still even be going on as you read this.

And, I am a bit baffled. But I guess the answer why is obvious: people like Star Wars. We don’t need an excuse to celebrate it. But since we do have an excuse, and our social media flares up with it anyway, we will celebrate.

Good Advertising Often Begins And Spreads On It’s Own

And in a way this is a cool new trend for us as a culture. An internet-obsessed, nerdy, and a tad goofy culture. We have all the old holidays, held in place by tradition. But we can also have our own. Add our own.

Media is becoming a part of us, in ways that are strange and curious and going to only become more prevalent as the lines blur: so let’s celebrate.

I’d love to see what new holidays we get to have. What new traditions we get to see grow around us.

And I wish you a belated “May the 4th be with you.”

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