Offers An Interesting And Aesthetic Means Of Collating Information reframes a familiar experience. Do you remember when you used to sit down and read the morning paper? All your news collated for you in a nice portable format that was structured so all the really important and salient data was easy to find, and all the less important data was relegated to those pages you never got round to reading? Paperl.i taps into that without even bothering with the stuff you aren’t interested in.

How many links or stories do you miss as they scroll past on your twitterstream or get buried by the Facebook wall algorithms? If it’s happening to you, you can bet that some of the data you are wanting to share about your company is getting lost in the shuffle too. How do you remedy that?

The Design Of Adds Some Order To The Links You Share

If you want to make a clearing in the trees and allow people to see what you have to offer has the answer – using the format of a newspaper, one which you are able to select the content for, drawing from 25 different sources, using either specific sources or keywords, you can publish your own newspaper.

It’s an opt-in service, and your newspaper gets delivered right to your reader’s inbox, and by carefully selecting where the paper draws its information from, you can make sure that your readers don’t miss a thing.

You can control the content, the frequency, the layout, and you can build yourself a readership – a captive audience that has chosen to receive the news you have to share.

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