How Can You Help People?

When a lot of people think about a great way for them to generate leads they are often imagining some super complex system with a whole bunch of complicated levers and buttons that must be pushed, metaphorically speaking that is. The more complex it gets, the harder it is to confront. When you try and comprehend the scope of this machine that you have Frankensteined together out of every sales program you have ever had any dealings with throughout your life you want to run in the other direction.

Wabamm, The Pinellas County Website, steps right over all that complexity and makes the whole process very simple. Wabamm is a site that Buzzazz built for the county of Pinellas – it’s our gift to the community so that they can easily engage with local community that lists all of the family friendly events that are going on in the area, and it also gives businesses a place where they can get a free listing and create events. Everything a person needs to be in touch with what is going on in and around Pinellas County is all right there for them.

It takes no time at all for a person looking at the site to see the benefits of using it – whether they are a member of the community or a business person.

When you are helping someone and offering help to them it is easy to talk to them. When you are helping someone it is easy to build a good relationship with them. Natural curiosity then draws them into asking more about what you do, and how else you can help them. You may or may not have other solutions that can help the person you approach, but how would you know, unless you can talk to them in the first place?

Wabamm Is One Idea Of How You Can Build On A Help Flow

Making a grab for the money and not showing that you care about someone and want to help them communicates many other things as well – it can give someone the notion that once you have the money the degree of care that you have for them is not going to be that great. If you build the relationship from the start on helping them, and taking care of them, and being interested in them, the rest is easy.

Wabamm was built by Buzzazz because first and foremost we care about Pinellas County. People can see that. Leads come very naturally as you help more people.

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