Page Load Speed Is Important

Ever sat there and suffered from a page that just doesn’t seem to want to load? Ever gone to a site and wondered if you have suddenly been transported back in time to a period when dial-up was the latest technology and you could go read a book while a website loaded?

Back then no one really knew any different, so while it might have been a little frustrating, the expectation of speed was pretty low. Nowadays if you go to a site and it isn’t an instantaneous load it might be enough to bounce you back to the search engine to find something else that can help you, and do it faster.

Stop Losing Visitors, Improve Your Page Load Speed, Today!

If you feel this way about other sites, then you are not going to want that for anyone landing on your own home page. You want them to be instantly impressed and for all that data you worked so hard to craft to be presented to them. It doesn’t take long for someone to leave a website if they can’t find what they want – after about three seconds, if your page isn’t loaded, you are going to be cutting down your visitors by half.

Thankfully, there are tools which you can use to identify the source of the problem, and to get suggestions on how to remedy it.

No matter what industry you are in you need to capture attention quickly and if you are in a service industry or provide the kind of product people need to get their hands on quickly that is probably doubly true. We can help you to get your website to that place, by being able to see what your page load speed is and what you can do about.

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