P.R. Is A Powerful Thing, And Disney Is Nothing If Not Powerful

Star Wars.



Disney has ties to them all.

And, well, you can’t argue with the results. The P.R. is incredible. The love and adoration of so many series in the hands of the Mouse.

Walk around Countryside, stroll the aisles of the Disney Store, and enter any nerdy place ever, and you know who’s in charge.

And I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to point out the almost scary level of power Disney has over us. They can sometimes evoke a sci-fi story’s soulless mega-conglomerate with a monopoly on culture.

I mean, they’re big enough for Dismaland to exist.

So… with that said, are they actually the real-life version of the evil company controlling the world?

Does Disney’s P.R. Help Hide Something?

Well, maybe. But probably not. There is nothing inherently wrong with a company being as big as Disney is. If we are all okay with living in this democratic, capitalistic society, then one business getting ahead of the others is par the course.

But is it “soulless? Again. Hard to say. I think it is… in a way–and yet not. I realize I’m being cryptic here. The P.R. of the happiest company on Earth is certainly false from a business side of things. But for individuals, it has a heart.

People, my generation especially, love Disney. Because of this, I don’t think the art they create is all calculated and hollow. I don’t think calculated and hollow things can elicit a reaction like that. I think there is real passion.

After all, Joss Whedon helped make the Avengers through Disney, and I don’t think he’s soulless.

We live with corporations all our lives. We are influenced in ways we cannot even perceive. But, it’s not all bad. This massive Disney maelstrom that eats intellectual properties is also giving a lot of creative and wonderful people the means to chase dreams.

We get the Maleficents with the Jiminy Crickets, is what I’m saying. And though we see the P.R. of the happy, we must accept the underlying unhappy and mechanical nature of it all. At least if we want more Marvel and Star War.

And trust me when I say those franchises could be in worse hands.

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