Mobile friendly websites are the thing. People carry their computers around with them now in their pockets. They want to be able to find data on the go, so it makes sense that your website should be friendly to these devices. People do not want to have work to get the data from your site, and if it takes them too long to find it they are going to go elsewhere.

More And More People Are Using Their Mobile Devices

More people than ever are using their phone or mobile device to find things. A lot of searches are done on the move, and a lot of reviews or comments are posted pretty close to the point of the visit – Google has really capitalized on this a lot with their Local Guides program, which is linked to Maps, and knows when you have visited a place. You get a prompt when you are there, or just after, and your reviews and interactions are incentivised.

When someone uses Google to find your site, if it is mobile friendly it is going to show up higher in the search terms, than a site built using older technology. Google want their users to have a better experience, so everything is geared towards making sites more user friendly, and towards rewarding people who put these changes in effect.

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