Panda Mail

Your Target Audience



Proprietary Blend




  • Bulk Email
  • Correct Marketing Buttons And Messages
  • List Building
  • USA Technical Support
  • Analytic Reports
  • A Few Pennies Per Impression
  • Panda “Giant” Lead Generation


  • Make Yourself Known Broadly
  • Effective Messages That Increase Conversions
  • Build Massive Targeted Identity Lists 
  • Build Valuable Customized Campaigns
  • Key Metrics That Maximize Your ROI
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Speak Directly To Interested Prospects

Buzzazz is great! We 10x’d our company…



and had our highest income ever!”


  • We consult with you to know your exact prospective customer  
  • We put together a strategy on how to find them
  • We utilize cutting edge data mining techniques to gather identities
  • We create appropriate messages to generate interest  
  • We send out the emails weekly
  • We monitor and send statistical metrics 


  • Successfully reach your target demographic
  • Your prospects find out more about you
  • Greater numbers of prospects knowing your business
  • Weekly reports to monitor campaigns  
  • Interested and curiosity created to increase reach  
  • More prospects

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