Panda Mail – Email Marketing

Target Audience Awareness



And New Prospect Lead Generation



The main objectives are to help create a targeted audience, greater awareness and new prospects.


  • Target Audience List Building
  • Bulk & Opt In Email Sending
  • Design & Marketing Integration
  • Email Marketing Funnel Development
  • Analytic Metric Reports
  • Tailor Made Marketing Strategies 


  • Broadly Make Your Business Known  
  • Targeted Identity Lists 
  • Easily Integrates Within Other Digital Marketing
  • Tailor Made Customized Campaigns
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Digital Re-Marketing Ad Integration

Buzzazz is great! We 10x’d our company…



and had our highest income ever!”


  1. Identify Target Audiences
  2. Build Initial Bulk List
  3. Utilize Cutting Edge Email Technologies
  4. Design Campaigns & Panda Page
  5. Send Out Campaigns
  6. Provide Regular Reports


  • Email Branding With Your Target Audiences
  • Greater Numbers Of Prospects Knowing Your Business
  • Regular Reports To Monitor Campaigns
  • Steady Target Traffic To Your Panda Page
  • Customized Campaign Modifications as Needed
  • Live USA Tech Support  

Email marketing helps to make a business better known and with the Elite Package, you can create a steady flow of new prospects.

Panda Mail basic terminology clarification, all other terms of agreement apply.

Views: Any one that successful receives an email, otherwise known as an (impression).

Actions: People that open or click on a link in the email.

Prospects: People that reach by filling out a form or making a phone call.

ELITE: This service level provides the option for it to be designed to integrate the email list building into a clients current (or newly created) digital ad “Re-Marketing” campaign.  Re-Marketing is when a business has one or more target audience identities and markets to them through various mediums such as but not limited to direct mail, email marketing, Search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) digital ads, Social (Facebook, InstaGram, LinkedIn, etc.) digital ads, calling campaigns, etc. Elite Packages require a fully managed dedicated server environment.  For Elite (or above) Clients that opt to not initiate Re-Marketing (digital ads) on their own or with Buzzazz, the main Goal lowers from new prospective leads back to advanced branding.

JUMBO: When a client wishes to build a target audience list of greater than 1/2 million, we can offer multiple Jumbo bulk email services that are not listed above. Customized quotes on these large scale campaigns can be provided as needed.  Jumbo Packages require a fully managed dedicated server environment.

LISTS:  The ID lists receiving bulk or Panda Giant emails can be provided by our clients, purchased by our clients from a reputable list builder or built for our clients by Buzzazz.  Lists are quite valuable, open market price points would apply to valuation, clients can request and pay for created bulk and standard lists as a separate order. Most email marketing service providers do not offer lists as part of their service packages.  We are able to build lists of generalized target audiences by geographic areas or industry type.  Any deeper demographic requirements would be very advanced and require custom quotes for extra service.  All Clients acknowledge that within the Buzzazz full terms of agreement that they fully understand that lists are “As Is” and are not perfect and contain a certain unknown percentage of flawed (erroneous, wrong target audience, unworkable, broken, robotic, non personalized, etc.) identities.

LIST ACQUISITION & OWNERSHIP: Buzzazz can provide Bulk & Giant List ID’s to clients, for fair open market value price points as a separate order, they are not part of the Panda Mail service packages which were designed to be delivered turnkey as outsource marketing services for our clients. Lists are simply built, created and maintained as value added and utilized as part of the service. For clients wanting more email ID data such as address, name, phone, etc. we can provide quotes for the program match finding of this information. This information is known to be hit and miss, meaning we may be able to obtain some or none of the specifics of what is actually needed or wanted.   By ordering Panda Mail services, each client acknowledges their understanding and agreement of the Buzzazz full terms of agreement and that they fully understand that lists are “As Is” and are not perfect and contain a certain unknown percentage of flawed (erroneous, wrong target audience, bad contact information, unworkable, broken, robotic, non personalized, etc.) identities.

PRIVACY POLICY: Further information can be viewed related to this service, clients and target audience privacy issues at


Panda Mail clients agree to the full terms of agreement and understand and take responsibility for
the inherent risks associated with all forms of digital marketing and advertising.

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